Anat Baniel

Anat Baniel, best-selling author of Move Into Life and Kids Beyond Limits, is the creator of the Anat Baniel Method ® Neuromovement® (ABMN). ABMN is a powerful practice that harnesses the advantage of the brain's ability to change and develop at any age and given any circumstances to evolve and heal both mind and body. Trained as a clinical psychologist, mathmatician, statistician and dancer, Baniel worked closely for many years with the physicist Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais, learning his renowned somatic educational system. Since then, she has successfully worked with thousands of people, from high-performance athletes, dancers, and musicians, to those suffering from pain and injury, and perhaps most famously, has become internationally renowned for the outcomes produced during her work with children with special needs. Anat has trained hundreds of practitioners in her method worldwide. Especially renowned for her work with children, her bestselling book, Kids Beyond Limits, provides practical tools and describes how to apply her techniques to access the remarkable capacities of the human brain to change itself for the better. The book also explores the Nine Essentials, suggesting what children and those closest to them may to do is provide the environment needed for them to overcome their special challenges and to dramatically improve their emotional, intellectual, and physical abilities.

The Nine Essentials by Anat Baniel