Funtional Synthesis sessions are one-on-one individual movement lessons. These private sessions are typically done on a special table, but occasionally on a mat or chair, with an Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Certified Practitioner ("ABMP"). The ABMN® practitioner skillfully customizes the sessions to the individual needs and requirements of the client or "student". Clients are called "students" because the purpose of the session is to bring about physical and cognitive transformation through experiential learning. The sessions are applicable for all ages, abilities and conditions and last from 35 - 45 minutes per session. This is the optimal amount of time for the brain to learn without exhausting and hindering the process.

Pricing: $75 per individual session,
Location: Prodigy Movement Centre, Green Point, 5353 Gore-Langton Road, North Cowichan (Cowichan Bay)


Intensives are a series of 8 (minimum) -10 (preferred) lessons taken place within a one week period (5-7day period, maximum) and 2 lessons per day are preferable. Intensive lessons are highly recommended to ensure a more transformative and permanent neuroplastic change, particular in rehabilitation cases or cases of chronic pain/injury and recovery. Depending on individuals, their needs and outcomes, they may be repeated on a monthly, bimonthly or less frequent basis, for ongoing transformation and healing.


"TML's" are verbally guided movement lessons that can be done individually, in groups, at home through DVD programmes and through online programmes. There are hundreds of different movement lessons that focus on different functions and movement skills. These lessons focus on helping brain function, leading to transformational outcomes in the areas of increased flexibility, strength, pain relief, acquisition of new skills and improvement of existing ones, congitive improvement and clarity, vitality and well being.

Pricing, Time and Location: To Be Announced

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Currently, the Centre is partially accesible but full accessibility should be in place by Fall 2018. For those requiring accessibility, please contact Fiona for additional appointment availability. Thank  you for your understanding of this temporary office arrangement.