Fiona’s background is in international development, banking and finance, and she holds a B.A. (Honours) from Queen's University, an Executive MBA from Henley Management College, U.K, and a Diploma from the Sorbonne. 

Fiona’s journey with the Anat Baniel Method® of NeuroMovement® began several years ago when she discovered the method to be an effective means of putting neuroplasticity research to the practical, and, ultimately, for healing her child’s cognitive and physical challenges. In his second year of life, her young son regressed developmentally, losing milestones, social connection with others and language. He had suffered (what was later hypothesized by neurology and medical genetics specialists) an autoimmune-induced brain injury which had impacted his whole being. In May of 2009, her child was finally diagnosed with PDD-NOS (on the autism spectrum) and was also suffering from a myriad of immunitary, cognitive and physical health challenges, including severe food allergies, hyperimmunity, hypotonia, sensory integration disorder, and absence seizures.

In her efforts to uncover what had happened to her child, the means to help him, and in refusing to set limitations on what her child was capable of, Fiona developed a recovery programme with the help of both conventional and complementary medical teams. She addressed her son’s needs biomedically and also implemented and led a full, (and then eventually) part-time home-based Son-Rise® programme for her child. She was also laterly introduced to the Waldorf philiosophy of education which she felt could be effective in helping her son round out his strong over-intellectualized capabilities by integrating them into the real world and in the community. Waldorf also had a strong neuro-developmental philosophy which includes an enlightened view on the critical importance of movement and certain kinds of movement, as a way of developing new connections in the brain.

In 2010, Fiona returned to school on a part time basis to complete the science prerequisites necessary to apply to medical school (prerequisites completed in 2014). In 2012, she discovered Anat’ Baniel’s work and the corresponding neuroplasticity research as it pertained to children (and adults) with brain injuries, trauma and neurodevelopmental challenges. Fiona began to take her child for lessons with visiting ABM® practitioners, as there were no ABM® practitioners in Vancouver at that time.  Although the lesson intensives were infrequent, she noted a encouraging change in different areas of functioning in her child after each series of lessons.

Over the course of six years, friends, family and medical professionals alike were amazed as her son began to regain health, language and social function and a genuine love for people and the world. He also has an extraordinary brain and capacity to learn. When Anat Baniel herself came to Vancouver to give a Children with Special Needs seminar to over 500 parents and professionals, Fiona was in attendance and Anat approached her to enquire about her reason for being at the seminar. Fiona gave her a brief synopsis and Anat proceeded to encourage her to become a practitioner prior to entering into medical school, pointing to the physicians, occupational therapists and physiotherapists that were in attendence at that seminar, indicating that they too were looking for additional ways of effectively helping their young patients.

As Fiona was still homeschooling her child, and being a mother to her other younger son, she decided to put medical school on hold and enter into the U.S.-based ABM practitioner training programme in 2014 which was conducted on a part time (yet intensive) basis. As at June 2018, Fiona has fully graduated as an Anat Baniel Method® Practitioner with additional Mastery graduations in Children with Special Needs, Vitality and Anti-Aging, and, most recently, High Performers for working with athletes, musicians and others who use their brain/body systems at very high levels -- although we are all highe performers. In March of 2018, she she once again completed fhe full, in person, ABMN® Children's Mastery Segments one through four which she deemed critical to continuing her own growth and transformation which, in turn, nourishes the outcomes of her students in her practice. As of May 2018, she has returned to the training and is completing, again, the Vitality and Anti-Aging Mastery as a returning student, and has been asked to return as support staff for the new basic training in 2019.

Over the last year, Fiona has been given the opportunity to film Anat Baniel herself in her own private practice at the main Centre in San Rafael, California. This magnificent experience, combined with her own frequent trips down to San Rafael to accompany and watch her older son in his own intensives, has bolstered her exposure to the work in ways that continue to bring additional gifts to her own work, the Prodigy Movement practice and with the outcomes with her students.

In March 2017, the new Prodigy Movement ABMN® Centre in Cowichan Bay opened its doors (at the foot of Mt Tzouhalem, right on the ocean). Since then, Fiona has been practicing a full schedule, with a largely (but not exclusively) pediatric practice and is fulfilling her long time hope to be able to help make a significant difference in the lives of children and adults with many varying degress of neurological challenges, chronic pain and high performing athlethes and musicians. These include, but are not limited to, brain trauma rehabilitation, learning challenges, pain relief, and neurodegenerative challenges.

Additionally exciting is her involvement in the recruitment and, eventually, mentorship of a whole new group of local practitioner trainees, 5 to be exact, currently going through the ABMN® Basic training in the United States. 

Originally from Vancouver, Fiona now makes her home in Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, although she plans to continue to dedicate a good part of her time to her "second" home in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the ABMN® Centre is located. Fiona is the proud mother of two thriving children. She feels that the last years of doing intensive series of ABM® lessons, in combinating with loving support from others, and critical biomedical/metabolic intervention for her oldest son has led him to the point where he continues to grow and function at a higher and higher level, has a love for people and aspires to be a conductor when he grows up!  Fiona also speaks French and Vietnamese fluently and loves Cuban music and dance, world music, living near the ocean, travelling and bringing the work to places far and wide, her own inner work and healing, writing and reading.