“I just wanted to give you an update with R. Since seeing Fiona in May, I feel that R has been moving and talking so much more. She climbs up and down chairs at the kitchen table (adult chairs) quickly and sits in them properly. (before, she could awkwardly get up, but wouldn’t be able to position herself sitting on them, and always needed help to get down.) This means that we don’t have to help her sit at the table, or leave the table! We are no longer using a booster seat or highchair with her. She will go down the stairs off of the deck and crawl across the yard, away from us, to play independently for quite a while. She will check in with us though and show us what she’s up to. She has learned a few more signs, but also continues to try to vocalize her thoughts.
Watching her do these things, I feel that she has grown more confident in herself and is more mature. It’s so exciting! As you know, she is a kid who knows what she wants and it is so fantastic to see her be able to do more by herself. “
— -A. S. (Child, 4)

Thank you for your inspiring work. I do have to say that of all the practitioners we have seen — our process with you has been incredibly uplifting and positive and very much in contrast to the weight and heart ache we have felt in the past. You are a true and gifted healer. We are so grateful you are here in Cowichan valley! (My child) has noted a number of interesting improvements this past week (post intensive slesson series). Her peers at school noticed how well she did on her math sheet. And her reading teacher noticed her prolonged ability to stand with her eyes closed without falling. What fantastic news she is bringing home!
— M.G.

“Your work with him has had a profound impact on his ability to focus and sort sensory information. His teachers noticed a marked shift in his ability for sustained attention in class and improved social interactions with his peers. The best part is he just seems to be more of who he really is.”
— -V. M. (Adolescent, 15, ADHD)

We loved your movement class - one of the best classes! We found it gentle
and soothing (your voice) and the class made us feel better in our own bodies - more
aware and fluid. Thank you!
— P.T.

“T is still having Tantrums but there is a noteable (decreased) difference.
He seems to be accepting rational explanations, when he doesn’t get what he wants.
Also at preschool they say they see a difference in the last two weeks.”
— -Y. M. (3, Undiagnosed DD)

Neuromovement has changed my approach to exercise as well as my approach to many of life’s tasks and challenges. Both the exercises and private sessions leave me relaxed, almost free of the pain of injury, more upright and walking easily in a new way. It has been a process and over several months the changes are becoming permanent and the discomfort from my injury is decreased.
— P.S.

“Thanks Fiona! Our first day back after her lessons with you A stood up and took a few steps without holding on to anything!! So amazing! And we’re so happy that we’ve been blessed with you in our lives!”
— -H.C. (child, 2, Down Syndrome)

A is doing great. She’s really integrated a lot of the things you last worked on with her. Getting up into four point on her own and then into sitting from one side and back! What a joy! I can’t wait for you to see her again! Just yesterday she started going up on her feet- kind of a wide-leg downward dog. It’s very exciting to see her discovering these new ways of moving.
— H.C.

“Tanya was able to relieve my lower back pain with just one session! When my husband injured his back, I sent him to Tanya, and she alleviated his pain, too. I have continued to see her for body pain, stress, and insomnia. Her treatments are gentle, calming, and incredibly grounding.”
— R.H.

“We’ve noticed some great things with D. He still seems to be present and engaging. His temper tantrums and meltdowns have become more manageable. He is still having “accidents” but not as intense as before. He’s gone from wetting himself numerous times down to only a few times a day. We’ve also noticed more “agreeable” behavior where he “listens” and “follows through” with instructions with not too much of a meltdown. All really amazing things. He is still very much scratching and eating things, which I am assuming will start to improve over time. His eating is still the same, quite “picky” and gags over the “look” of things and a lot of textures. For the first time in his life he requested a hug from somebody. Got right down to his 3 year old cousin’s level and asked for a hug. He has never done this. We also had out of town guests over the past weekend, he did really, really well. Usually he would need time on his home to try and regulate but he seemed to play a lot with his 9 year old cousin with very little “down time”. We’ve also noticed that the “robot chicken” doesn’t come out as much or with the intensity.”
— E.E. (son, 8, ASD)

I took my son to see Fiona for a 5 day intensive. He was a reluctant reader who was sounding out words and able to read a sentence or two independently. Within a week or two of the Intensive, he began reading the Percy Jackson series by himself. He always loved books, but now he is also a passionate reader, and recently devoured the entire Harry Potter series on his own.
— H.F.

“Tanya is incredibly talented at what she does and seems to have a natural and gentle ability to connect with her client’s needs. I first began ABM session with Tanya back in June of 2017 when I had to take an unexpected leave from work. I did long sessions, short sessions, intensives or every few days and no matter what type of appointment I always left feeling calmer and more in my body. My anxiety was quite bad at the time I began my ABM sessions and I regularly struggled to leave the house. My appointments with Tanya were often the one thing that I felt able to do outside of my home. Though my symptoms are no longer as extreme as before, I still continue to participate in Tanya’s group classes and an occasional private session as I feel it helps me to ground and reset. I would highly recommend ABM, especially, but not exclusively, for people who are seeking a more gentle form of healing.”
— T.H.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect on my first session, but Fiona took the time and care to make sure that I was as comfortable as possible in the entire session. It was very relaxing and enjoyable. The results after just one session were amazing, as I felt a renewed sense of coordination, ease of movement and grace. I felt more flexible and moved with more harmony. As a dancer, this was even more important to me. I would highly recommend this to any child or adult!
— F. S

I am a firm believer in the transformational and healing qualities of Fiona’s work. having experienced them in myself and witnessed them in my children. We all experience a profound sense of rest after a session, like we’ve had healing bath for the nervous system. Fiona has helped us all with musculoskeletal issues, and we have experienced many other ‘extra’ unexpected positive outcomes, including an overall sense of well being. Fiona is a warm, sensitive and gifted practitioner of this very potent healing modality.
— H.F.

“I just wanted let you know Liv has been free of concussive symptoms since her last time with you. Thank you! “
— M.G. (Daughter, 11, TBI, Concussion)

Fiona McLagan has a heart of gold! I admire the authenticity of her compassion, attention and care. I believe that ABM has profound implications in helping our baby daughter access her potential in life, and Fiona is a loving and skilled practitioner.
— H.C. (child with Down’s Syndrome)

Please use my experience of a straighter back and smoother walk from our work together,
— J.M. (Multiple Sclerosis)

During the summer of 2015, I injured my back quite seriously during the summer carrying heavy loads on our summer vacation. As an active father who enjoys playing tennis, and being active with my children, I found myself bedridden for two solid weeks due to the injury and was unable to be mobile for another month. I tried physiotherapy, and other recovery modalities, but nothing seemed to help. I was unable to mow the lawn, play with my kids and I developed sciatic pain in my right leg. Nothing seemed to help, and at 50 I was getting worried. Fiona started to work with me with ABM. She would spend sessions working one on one with me on the table. I started to feel better. She suggested I also participate in the Transformative Movement Lessons (TML) and this also began to help. Over the few weeks, my recovery increased and I was able to play tennis again. I played tennis with my friend Kelly, who is a much better player than I and an opponent I typically will lose to 8 out of 10 times. That day I easily won 4-1 and played some of the best tennis in a long time. I continued to involve myself with TML’s and also one on one work with Fiona over the next 6 months. My back and trunk area started to move more freely with less and less pain. My range of motion increased and my ability to rotate my torso and bending became effortless. Today, I am playing excellent tennis, am pain free and in the best physical shape since university. I believe that ABM has ignited my recovery and Fiona’s work and guidance has lead to my full recovery.
— K.C.

Fiona first worked on me when she was still a student. I had no idea what ABM was about, and mistakenly thought it was only for children with special needs. Was I in for a surprise the first time she worked on me! Not only did I love how it felt, but I was astounded by the whole body changes that were physical, mental and emotional. While I had no injuries, my body felt lighter and “tuned up”, for lack of a better description. Everything was easier. After each session she taught, I felt calm and more centered, and over the following few months this feeling stuck, giving me better focus, and the ability to move more slowly. It even took away my brain fog! Eventually I read Anat’s book, Kid’s Beyond Limits, which explains not only the science behind ABM, but also her philosophy that is central to the work. I was converted...so much so, that I am now taking the ABM Practitioner Training! Fiona has an incredible ability to connect with people in a warm, caring way, and her gentle healing touch has the ability to create huge positive change in anyone. I highly recommend Fiona as a practitioner, and feel so grateful that she shared with me her gift of healing.
— T.S.

Your work with (my teenage son) has had a profound impact on his ability to focus and sort sensory information. His teachers noticed a marked shift in his ability for sustained attention in class and improved social interactions with his peers. The best part is he just seems to be more of who he really is.
— V.M.