At Prodigy Movement, our goal is to positively transform the lives of individuals through the Anat Baniel Method (ABM) of NeuroMovement, a neuroplasticity-based educational approach that builds a better, stronger brain. This gentle, loving and pain-free, systems-based method enervates the brain and nervous system to heal, shift for the better and learn more than ever imagined possible. At Prodigy Movement, we are deeply passionate about our calling to this work, and are committed not only to our students and to the community, but to our own personal and professional growth, transformation and continued education in the field and beyond. All of this catalyzes into positive and potent transformation for the individuals that we with work with, leading to their increased vitality, functionality and ease of being. This, in turn, helps us to manifest positive change and healing in our community and in the world – and have tremendous delight in doing so.